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''Who can think of sleep, of money?
The world is waiting for me. And for Elan.''

Rudi Finžgar

Elan Museum

Alpine ski museum Elan

Elan boasts a rich history of making skis. Its story can now be discovered at the Elan Alpine Skiing Museum, which opened its doors at its factory in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia.

In its more than seventy years of history, Elan's important innovations have changed the development of skiing numerous times. The people at Elan had a different viewpoint. They were pioneers. They were “first”. Now, it is again breaking new ground in a totally new field. As the world’s first commercial manufacturer of skiing equipment, it is now opening its own skiing museum. The focus is on the very rich contribution of the Elan brand to the development of alpine skiing. Since Elan also manufactures sailing vessels, aeroplanes, gym equipment and blades for wind power stations, part of the museum exhibition will also host these other divisions.

Elan was founded in 1945 on the initiative of the recognised ski jumper and manufacturer of skis, Mr. Rudi Finžgar. It began reinforcing its reputation as a skiing innovator and trend-setter from the very beginning. Elan has since provided numerous important products to the market which have changed the history of alpine skiing with their technology, form and technical characteristics.
In addition, Elan has had many significant competition achievements in its history. The best skier of all times, the Swedish skier Mr. Ingemar Stenmark, raced exclusively on Elan skis his entire career and won an astounding 86 World Cup races.

Elan holds a special place in Slovenian society and is a national treasure. Its importance is also felt globally as its innovative products are exciting skiers in all parts of the world.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm
Monday: closed
Closed: 1. nov., 25. dec. 1., 2. jan.

Private functions and group tours of the museum are available outside of normal operating hours.

Pricelist (per person)

Adults: 4€
Families: 10€ (per family, up to 5 persons)
Students and seniors: 3€
Kids (7 – 18 years): 2,5€
Kids (0 – 7 years): free of charge
Groups (10 persons and over): 3€

Environmentalist Rok Rozman about special bond to the nature

Rok visited mountains to meet the rivers. It might sound a bit strange, but it is the mountains where the rivers start their path. It is mountains that stop the clouds as they travel from the sea to the mainland, squeezing moisture from them. It is the mountains that act as highways for melting snow, turning this cycle towards the sea where it will start over again. Immersing yourself into this world of simple, gravity fed descent, is what brings peace and freedom to every open-hearted guest who ventures into these enchanted mountain playgrounds.

Rok Rozman described, how the rivers appear and presented the idea about Balka River Defence Project…

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Environmentalist Rok Rozman about special bond to the nature

Museum Location

Museum is located in Begunje na Gorenjskem, inside of the Elan Sports shop. There is enough of parking space in front of the museum.

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